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Education is the key! We offer hands-on training on all digital equipment

Dental Clinics

Increase your clinic performance with Intra-oral scanners and dental milling machines

Dental Labs

Improve your profit margin using digital scanners and open source file transfer

Material Supplies

We offer the complete solution, from Zirconia blocks to dental supplies

Clinical Services

CADCAN Dental Inc. offers a range of services which will be tailored to your business based on your own specific needs. Our business model is based on a transparent approach and our first priority is customer satisfaction. We are not here to sell you equipment that you are not going to use.

Firstly, we will listen to your needs and will evaluate your current stage of business. Secondly, we will come back to you with our proposal on how we could help your business with our digital solutions. Lastly, we will stand behind our services and will be with you every step along the way until you are comfortable with your new workflow.

CADCAN Dental Inc. professionals have handpicked the best of the best. We only carry equipment which we have personally used and know they will bring value o our customers. Below are overviews of only some of the products we carry. Contact us to hear about our mix-and-match services so we could help you take your dental business to the next level.

Intra-oral Scanners

Intraoral Scanners made traditional tray impressions a thing of the past! Implementing compact 3D capture techniques, modern Intra-oral Scanners provide a remarkably small low-maintenance headpiece that allows dentists to take digital impressions while enhancing patient’s experience.

Clinical Milling Machines

CADCAN proudly offers Roland in-office milling machine. Roland DG wet-milling device offers the precise and uncomplicated production of glass ceramics and composite resins. The DWX-4W produces crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays, and veneers at high-speed with its Jaeger DentaDrive spindle and simultaneous 4-axis milling and offers unattended milling convenience and increased efficiency with the option of loading up to three standard pin-type blocks at a time. Featuring Roland DG’s famous reliability and product support, it’s the ultimate in affordable and dependable milling technology.


Desktop 3D Printer

Desktop 3D Printers make it simple to print precise dental models from intra-oral or other 3D scanners. These scanners have impeccable resolution insuring accurate and intricate details on your printed dental models. 3D printers can be used for printing precise dental models; crown, coping and bridges 3D models; Night Guards; and Surgical Drill guides.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory Digital Scanners

Accelerate your workflow by scanning full arch or partials with high accuracy.

Open source STL files gives you the capability to connect to any milling machine.

Identica T500 offers a fast scan engine and highly efficient software algorithm. With the high-speed camera and projector, you can scan a full arch in just 12 seconds and eight dies within 19 seconds.

  • 2.0 MP cameras, Blue LED

  • Accuracy : 7 μm (ISO 12836)

  • Full arch scan time 12 sec

  • 3-axis automated impression scanning


Material Supplies

From top of the line CAD/CAM solutions to the highest quality materials available on the market, CADCAN offers your practice the complete solution. Through extensive laboratory tests, CADCAN specialist have handpicked the strongest, highest quality and fully certified milling disks for your clinical/laboratory use.

CADCAN Zirconia blanks cover all major dental milling systems including: Cerec inLab, Weiland Zeno Tec, KaVo Everest, AG Ceramill, Digital Dental, Cercon Base and more.

We carry Zirconia blanks from best brands in the market including (but not limited to):

CADCAN Zirocina Blanks give you Ceramic aesthetics with high translucency. Our Zirconia blanks use high strength formula and are 100% bio-compatible. All our Zirconia Blanks are fully certified under FDA, CE and Tosoh.

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