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Diving Into The Deep

CADCAN means state-of-the art technology, cutting edge knowledge, immense experience, and one of a kind customer service. These are not just words to us, these are our beliefs and commitment. Our mission is to revolutionize Canadian digital dental industry. We stand by our products, our service and our costumers!

Our business strategy at CADCAN is based on honesty and transparency. Like every other business we are hoping to grow our business but we believe that building a long-term relationship with our costumers is much more beneficial than a one time sale! So, our main focus is to help your business grow to build that long-term relationship based on transparency and support. Growth of your business also helps us take our business to the next level! a win-win scenario!

In order to achieve this we have implemented a targeted approach to offer the best equipment and top of the line support:

  • First-hand Knowledge – Our in-house dentist uses our products on daily basis

  • Research Led – We only carry top quality equipment and materials

  • Customer Focused – We don’t sell you anything, unless it right for your specific needs

First-hand Knowledge

There are many products out there in the realm of digital dentistry each of which has their own pros and cons in terms of quality, support and cost. You would be happy to know that we have tested them all! CADCAN is co-founded by a seasoned dentist with over 15 years of experience in digital dentistry. Our in-house dentist has tested out every products available in the market in his own clinic and dental laboratory.

Our approach, unlike most other dental equipment businesses, is not based on the equipment’s profit margin! Our approach is costumer based. Our in-house dentist only hand picks the equipment that works in terms of user-friendliness, quality and cost. We stand by our services as we fully believe in what we have to offer.

Research Led

When buying a new equipment, it is very important to buy the best equipment in terms of quality and cost tailored to your specific needs. However, above all,  you would have to make sure that the equipment approved by local standards.

Here at CADCAN we take this responsibility very seriously. We make sure that equipment and materials we offer go above and beyond the required standards to give you that extra peace of mind.

Customer Focused

Our approach is customer based. Effective communication is the life and blood of every business. At CADCAN is based on customer service. We assess your business needs in details and will give recommendations based on your specific needs.

The last thing that we want to see is the equipment that we sold is left abandoned and unused. This is a very bad practice, apart from being unfair to the poor equipment. Jokes aside, we are definitely not going to force our costumers to buy something that they don`t need. We are aiming to create a long-term relationship with our costumers and we always stay true to our values.


Education is the key! We offer hands-on training on all digital equipment

Dental Clinics

Increase your clinic performance with Intra-oral scanners and dental milling machines

Dental Labs

Improve your profit margin using digital scanners and open source file transfer

Material Supplies

We offer the complete solution, from Zirconia blocks to dental supplies

Discover The Future of Dentistry

Our mission is to help dental clinics take advantage of digital solutions and a big part of that goal is to listen from you! Let us know how we can help!

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